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85 Intern Reviews
“BREAKING: Rookie intern gains confidence after tackling returns. Looks to have Hesiman voters drooling during Sophmore 2019 season.”

There were 3 main pros to my time here at Rehmann so far. First of all, I learned more in my few months here than I have from all my accounting classes up to this point. It was very beneficial to finally see the things I've been tested on, in the real world. Additionally, I believe it helped me immensely in the accounting class I just 4.0ed. Not just by helping me with the knowledge I gained, but by teaching me how to go about dealing with accounting problems I don't know the answer to. I was able to think about accounting differently after my internship which led me to have more success in the classroom. The largest pro from my internship here in Lansing is without a doubt the people I have met by working here. They made it easy to come in every day and get to work. You develop friendships by working together and it pushes you to be at your absolute best because you don't want to let them down. I had a lot on my plate, some of which I felt vastly underprepared for. Despite this, I believe the best way to learn is being tossed directly into the fire. I was able to get all my work done thanks to the help of my coworkers. I absorbed all that they taught me so that eventually, I could take some of the load off their plate as well. I found myself wanting to come back to work directly after my internship ended not because of the work, but because of the people. That's when you know you've found the right place.


Really the only con for me was struggling to fit other things into my schedule. I was still always able to fit in my workouts so that I could stay in shape after sitting all day at the computer. Still had some time to hang out with friends, and never missed an MSU basketball home game. Luckily I have a great girlfriend who also understood what type of workload tax season brings, which made that situation very easy. College has taught me to budget my time well and I believe I have very good time management skills, but those were tested heavily in 2018.

Advice to Potential Interns

My number one piece of advice is to speak up when you have questions. If you need some information, go get it. It hurts everyone if you sit on something. I would also add that you should keep a list of questions per client. Don't get up every 30 seconds to ask the person next to you a question. If you have a return, do it as much as you can, write down each questions, THEN ask. It saves time and is a lot less annoying for the person you decide to ask.

Advice to Management

The only thing would be to make the training one continuous stay. It was frustrating to get into the office and start on projects, then have to go back to Troy for more training. I think it would be easier if it were just one long stay in Troy. That way, any projects we are given in our offices is not interrupted by our training.

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