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About Lunar and Planetary Institute

Founded in 1968, the Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI) researches the evolution, formation and current state of the solar system. The institute is housed in the Universities Space Research Association’s Center for Advanced Space Studies, which includes a computing center, extensive collections of lunar and planetary data, an image-processing facility and an extensive library. LPI also has educational and public outreach programs assisting local and national press on planetary issues.

Summer interns work one-on-one with scientists at the institute or the Johnson Space Center. They do real hands-on research, completing a project of current interest in planetary science. Such projects may include the origins of meteorites, lunar resource utilization or any of a number of exciting topics.


Open to current college students with at least 50 semester hours of academic credit, who are interested in pursuing a career in the physical sciences. Graduating seniors and international students are also eligible.

Lunar and Planetary Institute

Claudia Quintana
Lunar and Planetary Institute
LPI Summer Intern Program
3600 Bay Area Boulevard
Houston, TN 77058


Number of Interns: 21 to 50
Compensation/Benefits: Paid, Stipend
Duration: N/A
Academic Level: College Freshmen, College Sophomores, College Juniors, College Seniors, Recent College Graduates


Austin, TX