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About Facebook, Inc. Internship Programs

When it comes to social networking, it's wise to put your best face forward. Facebook, the social networking juggernaut, lets users share information, post photos and videos, play games, and otherwise connect with one another through online profiles. The site, which allows outside developers to build apps that integrate with Facebook, boasts more than a billion total users. The firm was launched in 2004 by Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg as an online version of the Harvard Facebook. (The name comes from books of freshmen's faces, majors, and hometowns that are distributed to students.) In 2012 Facebook began publicly trading after filing one of the largest IPOs in US history. Facebook has broadened its portfolio with a number of acquisitions in recent years and most notably owns the popular photo-sharing app, Instagram, and the widely used messanger app, Whatsapp.

Facebook offers a number of internship positions for college students and those pursuing their Master's and Ph.D in and out of the technology field. Facebook provides a lot of opportunities for interns to succeed. From hackathons to fun offsite events to weekly Q&As with the leadership team, the company's internship program is fast-paced and will have participants building and shipping from day one. Interns are given the opportunity to grow as leaders and solve problems, all while reimagining ways to connect people and brands. Programs are predominantly based at Facebook's headquarters in Menlo Park, California, with a number of other programs based in New York City and Seattle, among other locations. Some international opportunities are also available in the Brazil, France, Ireland and the UK.

Internship offerings at Facebook change every year. Recently, poisitions have been available in Analytics, Data Warehousing, Design, Hardware Design, IT, Software Engineering and Solutions Engineering. Here's a quick glance at some of the positions that have been available:

Product Designer: A Product Design Intern is involved in every aspect of the product development process, from brainstorming the next feature of News Feed to tweaking pixels right before launch. Interns will be expected to utilize their full range of product design, interaction design, and visual design skills, and will own the experience for a wide area of the Facebook product.

Technical Program Manager: The intern will help run programs to stay ahead of Facebook growth and future product needs. The projects will support the Infrastructure Engineering organization whose responsibilities may include growth, disaster recovery, and production management of 24x7 upkeep of the Facebook web site. Interns will assist Facebook's global data centers, hardware, network, software engineering, and product teams with strategic planning, and deployments from inception to full production.

Data Engineer: Data Engineer interns will use a variety of tools and platforms to scalably move Petabytes of data across systems and build the core tables needed to perform analysis. In this role, their work will broadly influence the company's data consumers and analysts. They will get the opportunity to work with focused and scaled objectives in a company that has some of the most challenging problems to tackle.

Front End Engineer: The intern here will work with product designers to implement the next generation of Facebook products; build efficient and reusable front-end abstractions and systems; identify and address performance bottlenecks; participate in design and code reviews; interact with other team members to incorporate their innovations and vice versa; and identify and communicate best practices for front-end engineering.

Production Engineer: Production engineer interns will own back-end services like Facebook's Hadoop data warehouses, front-end services like Chat and Newsfeed, infrastructure components like the company's Memcached infrastructure, and everything in between. They also get to write and review code, develop documentation and capacity plans, and debug the hardest problems, live, on some of the largest and most complex systems in the world. The code and systems interns work on will be in production and used by millions of users all around the world.

Research: Interns here are passionate in areas such as machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, deep learning, computational statistics, and applied mathematics. If hired, interns have an opportunity to make core algorithmic advances and apply their ideas at an unprecedented scale. Many of Facebook's research interns publish at a top tier conference such as NIPS, ICML, ICLR, CVPR, ICCV, and ACL.

Software Engineer: Facebook is seeking interns to join their engineering team and help build the next generation of systems behind Facebook's products. Interns will create web applications that reach millions of people, build high volume servers and be a part of a team that’s working to help connect people around the globe. This internship has a minimum twelve (12) week duration.

Solutions Engineering Intern:  In this role, n intern will collaborate with product engineering teams to build new products and improve existing ones; deeply understand Facebook ad technologies stack including: Facebook Ads API, Facebook Ads for Apps and for Web sites; deeply understand the business of your partners, identify problems or opportunities then address them using technology; and split time nearly evenly between hands-on coding and guiding partners.



Qualifications to work at Facebook, while similar across the company, differ depending on the internship a candidate is applying for. Some qualifications include:

  • Pursuing a degree (either BA, BS, MA, MS or PhD) in the relevant field. 

  • Depending on the internship, eitherexperience or knowledge of Development, Design, Programming, Software Engineering and/or SQL.

  • In some cases, the ability to pick up new software is required. 

  • If the position is related to design, a portfolio may be required.

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Interpersonal skills and the ability to build relationships and collaborate on projects.

For a full list of requirements, go to and select an internship program. 

Facebook, Inc. Internship Programs

Facebook, Inc.
1601 Willow Rd
Menlo Park, CA 94025-1456
Phone: 1 (650) 543-4800


Number of Interns: Varies
Compensation/Benefits: Paid
Duration: Varies
Academic Level: College Seniors, Graduate Students
Degree Track: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, Doctor of Philosophy


Boston, MA
Menlo Park, CA
Mountain View, CA
New York City, NY
Seattle, WA
Dublin, Ireland
London, United Kingdom
Paris, France
São Paulo, Brazil