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Walgreens Pharmacy Corporate Internship
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Walgreen Co.

About Walgreens Pharmacy Corporate Internship
Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes of a Fortune 50 company focused on community pharmacy and how decisions are made that impact thousands of pharmacies nationwide? Walgreens has been evolving along with the pharmacy profession for 110 years, so we know what it takes to stay ahead of current trends. The Walgreens Corporate Pharmacy Internship Program is a great opportunity for student pharmacists to enhance their educational experience with a corporate perspective of community pharmacy.

Selected students will spend 12 learning-packed weeks at the Walgreens corporate headquarters, located in Deerfield, Illinois, just north of Chicago. The program will offer a competitive salary and housing.

• Department Rotations
The 12-week program will be spent doing four-week rotations in three different areas impacting pharmacy throughout the corporate office.
• Mentors
Interns will work with a pharmacist mentor during each rotation. Mentors will facilitate the interns’ participation within the department and assign projects.
• Information Sessions
Various presentations are offered featuring managers from across Walgreens broad corporate base. These presentations also provide insight into the personal career progression and current responsibilities of individual managers.
• Store Visits and Field Trips
Visits to Walgreens stores and facilities are scheduled throughout the summer, where interns can see the operations of the company first hand.
• Networking and Social Events
Networking and social events are scheduled throughout the summer. Interns can interact with Walgreens team members and other interns throughout our corporate headquarters.
Student pharmacists entering their third or fourth professional year of pharmacy school (graduating in 2014 or 2015)
Available without conflicts during the internship program dates
Minimum GPA of 2.5
Walgreens Pharmacy Corporate Internship

Walgreens Talent Acquisition
Walgreen Co.
102 Wilmot Rd. MS#1220
Deerfield, IL 60015


Number of Interns: 101 or more
Compensation/Benefits: Paid
Duration: 6 to 12 weeks
Academic Level: Graduate Students


Chicago, IL