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About Hotel-Icon Work Integrated Education Program

Hotel ICON Limited

Hotel ICON was founded by the School of Hotel & Tourism Management (SHTM) at Hong Kong PolyU to better serve tourism, benefit the community and showcase the best of our city. Uniquely among hotels, we were born to help develop and to innovate our industry.

Hotel ICON’s Work Integrated Education (WIE) Programme

The WIE programme aims at helping students to become all-round professionals with an appropriate level of operational experience, understanding of industry operations with inspiring ideas and the related inter-personal skills.

The 6-month WIE is designed for students with no prior experience but they are interested in pursuing a career in a specific area of hospitality. Students are trained in three different departments such as Food & Beverage, Rooms and Administrative Departments. Different activities such as cross function exposure training, regular feedback meeting, external exposure by visiting to other organizations, experience sharing with hotel guests on things that not taught in school etc., are arranged for interns to enhance their inspiration and innovation.

The WIE Programme Design and Implementation

  • An Education Manager is assigned to take care of the WIE Programme. Once the interns are recruited through an intensive selection process, the Hotel will provide a tailor-made training plan for them according to individual wish list.
  • The Mentorship System provides each intern a personal workplace mentor to provide guidance and training support. Mentors are the certified trainers, they also provide personal guidance to their career path, personal development and attitude towards study and work. A monthly “Mentor Allowance” is awarded to each mentor.
  • Intern’s Expectation is tried to be met after discussion between Education Manager and department heads on the assignment of interns to different departments.
  • Intern’s Learning Journey Binder that covers the learning objective & expectation; hotel orientation & training curriculum; functional rotation, and learning schedule.
  • Orientation & Induction Training is conducted with intensive departmental familiarization, job skills training, and performance assessment in the first 2 weeks to ensure they acquire the right skills and are confident in serving our guests.
  • Intern Community is established by creating a facebook platform to allow better communication and work experience sharing between students and mentors.
  • Interns are paid HK$4,500 as monthly allowance. The hotel also provides uniform and laundry, duty meals, annual leaves, paid sick leave, gazetted public holidays and an opportunity to stay at the hotel for one night as a guest.
  • Monthly Performance Assessment is conducted aiming at performance coaching and finding ways to help interns to learn better. In addition, they are required to complete performance assessment, special projects or assignments, and participate in cross-departmental events to broaden their horizons and gain practical experience.

To Genuinely Inspire Talent

As of today, Hotel ICON has trained 365 students with 2,380 training days and committed to close to HK$ 9.6 million in terms of training costs.

This unique internship programme offers students the opportunity to benefit from the Hotel’s transparent operations and gain a holistic understanding of the industry by participating in the day-to-day running of various departments in a “real world” hotel environment.

“As the first teaching and research hotel of its kind in the world, we have an obligation to cultivate the next generation of hoteliers”, says Richard Hatter, General Manager of Hotel ICON. “We are dedicated to nurture the very best industry professionals.”


Students applying for the internship program should have completed one to two years' study of their bachelor degree/high diploma from the School of Hotel & Tourism Management of the Hong Kong Polytechinic University.

Students are usually 18 plus, and the core subject of study is Hotel or Tourism Management. This program is open to students who have no prior hospitality industry experience. However, they do need to have an acceptable level of both written and spoken English competency.

Students need to attend a behavorial based interview by the senior staff of the hotel. We want to see our interns to be with confident, warm & friendly, passionate, responsive and relaxed personalities.

The duration of this internship lasts for 6 months. Before officially commencing their internship, they are required to go through a pre-employment medical check up which includes a food handler's test and to certify them as fit for employment.

Hotel-Icon Work Integrated Education Program

Human Capital
Hotel ICON
17 Science Museum Road
Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Phone: +852 34001000
Phone 2: +852 34001171


Number of Interns: 51 to 100
Compensation/Benefits: Stipend
Duration: 3 to 6 months
Academic Level: College Juniors, College Seniors


Hong Kong, China