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About Hotel-Icon Work Integrated Education Programme - Elite Management Trainee Programme

In April 2011, The School of Hotel and Tourism Management of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University announced the opening of new teaching and administration facilities in Hong Kong. The 28-storey complex includes the School, Hotel ICON and University House, a 33-unit residence for the university’s staff and their families. Hotel ICON would be the key to launching the school’s “fully integrated education approach”. This unique methodology combines the advantages of modern-day teaching practices with students learning from a structured educational program in a real-world hotel environment. The new facility and teaching approach was designed to create unrivalled research opportunities for faculty members and students, enabling Hotel ICON to become a global centre of excellence in Hospitality, education and research.

Objective Setting of the Work Integrated Education Programme:

The WIE programme aims at helping students to become all-round professionals with an appropriate level of operational experience, understanding of industry operations with inspiring ideas and the related inter-personal skills. Upon successful completion of the WIE internship at Hotel ICON, students should have:

  • Gained practical experience in an up-scale hotel environment and operations
  • Learned the importance and role of service quality
  • Developed people skills through interactions with peers, subordinates and supervisors
  • Developed a positive attitude as hospitality professionals

The Work-Integrated Education (WIE) Administration Process

The whole WIE programme will be administered through the following process:

  1. Education Manager to discuss with department heads on the assignment of interns to different departments, and make sure interns are assigned to the preferred departments.
  2. Provide interns a WIE Intern Binder for interns to know what the learning expectation is and how their learning journey would be
  3. Arrange a 3-day orientation session conducted by General Manager, different division heads, and Learning & Development colleagues for students to understand and familiarize with our hotel.
  4. Conduct intensive skills training, familiarization of the departments and performance assessment in the first 2 weeks to ensure they understand their job role and able to handle the job tasks before interaction with guests
  5. A Facebook platform is established to allow students and mentors to interact and share learning experiences together.
  6. Regular mentoring and ongoing performance coaching to help these interns to develop the required skill sets. In addition, they are required to complete performance assessment, special projects or assignments, and participate in cross-departmental events to broaden their horizons and gain practical experience.

Elite Management Programme

Introducing here is the Hotel ICON Elite Management Programme (EMP). It is part of a regime that creates leaders fully versed in all aspects of operations and hotel management.

The Programme aims to:

  • Expose students to the duties and responsibilities of Hotel ICON executives and equip them with managerial competencies and skills
  • Enabling them to have an insight into how the functions of various hotel divisions collaborated to maximize organization effectiveness
  • Allow them gaining good understanding on how all major divisions in a hotel work together
  • Ensure job opportunity is provided by offering job and enable them to work and experience as a supervisor or manager upon graduation.

Recruitment Mechanism (Assessment Centre) of the Elite Management Programme:

1. Design of the Elite Management Programme

The training tracks six core topics, including sales and marketing, finance and human resource management for the first phase of 16 weeks. A second phase lasts another 32 weeks and sees students shadow three senior hotel managers. The tailored, hands-on approach is an outstanding initiative unsurpassed at a typical training hotel.

i. Phase one: 16 Weeks
Students will experience all six major divisions involving:

ii. Phase Two: 32 Weeks
Students choose one or two of the divisions to work alongside one of the managers for the remaining 32 weeks:

  • Customized training program and schedules are designed
  • Student progress through three stages – corresponding to supervisor, assistant manager, department head and division head levels, with division head overseeing the effectiveness of the programme
  • Students are also required to give presentations on their assigned projects, which form part of the performance evaluation criteria.
Hotel-Icon Work Integrated Education Programme - Elite Management Trainee Programme

Human Capital - Learning and Development Unit
Hotel ICON
Human Capital Office 7/F, 17 Science Museum Road, Tsim Sha Tsui East, Hong Kong
Hong Kong


Number of Interns: Less than 10
Compensation/Benefits: Paid
Duration: 6 to 12 months
Academic Level: College Seniors


Hong Kong, China