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About United Nations

Founded in 1945, the United Nations links over 190 countries to promote world peace, literacy, human rights, disease eradication and cordial relations between conflicting nations. The U.N. pursues these goals with extensive research, meetings, development and programs, which it conducts through its six major divisions: the Security Council, Economic and Social Council, Trusteeship Council, International Court of Justice, the Secretariat and the General Assembly.

Interns work in the Secretariat divisions, where they are assigned to various responsibilities and are exposed to the work of the United Nations. Interns also assist U.N. offices through general clerical tasks, organizational duties and research.


Applicants must be enrolled in graduate school at the time of application and during the internship or, if pursuing their studies in countries where higher education is not divided into undergraduate and graduate stages, have completed four years of study.

United Nations

Internship Programme Office
United Nations
United Nations Headquarters
380 Madison Avenue, 9th Floor, M-09025A
New York, NY 10017
Phone: (917) 367-5852


Number of Interns: 101 or more
Compensation/Benefits: Unpaid
Duration: N/A
Academic Level: Recent College Graduates, Graduate Students


New York, NY