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About Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences

In 1903, scientists from Harvard, New York University, and The Bermuda Natural History Society established the Bermuda Biological Station. Now the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (“BIOS”), this nonprofit organization is focused on marine field research. The institute is a prime research venue with its unique location in Bermuda, high-caliber labs, and 168-foot research vessel: the Atlantic Explorer. BIOS also provides educational services to a range of groups include undergraduate and advanced degree students, students on field trips, Bermuda-based students, and adult travelers.

BIOS interns gain practical experience focusing on marine science research or environmental education, work in the field with BIOS scientists, and enjoy hands-on experience working on the Atlantic Explorer. Intern responsibilities may include scuba diving the coral reefs of Bermuda to monitor sensitive ecosystems or test water quality; traveling on a research cruise to a North Atlantic sampling site; and surveying marine debris washed ashore. BIOS offers a variety of internship opportunities, including research internships for undergraduates, thesis research opportunities for graduate students, and volunteer internships. Undergraduate interns may apply for the REU Program, which offers students a stipend and travel expenses. Volunteer internships--available to upper level college students, graduate students, and recent graduates--range from three to six months; participants are provided with room and board. Princeton University students may intern through the Princeton-BIOS Student Summer Internship Program.


Varies depending on the internship program. Apply online and submit academic transcripts and recommendations. To learn more about internship opportunities at BIOS, read the internships section on BIOS’ “Course Offerings” page:

Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences

F. Gerald Plumley, Director of Education
Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences
Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences
17 Biological Station
St. George's GE 01
Phone: (441) 297-1880


Number of Interns: Varies; Varies depending on internship program
Compensation/Benefits: Stipend, Varies; Stipend provided for participants in the National Science Foundation-supported Research Experiences for Undergraduates Program (?REU?). Otherwise, unpaid.
Duration: 6 to 12 weeks; 10 to 12 weeks (REU Program); 3 to 6 months (Volunteer Internships); Otherwise, varies
Academic Level: College Juniors, College Seniors, Recent College Graduates, Graduate Students


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