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About Caux Scholars Program

The Caux Scholars Program strives for world peace through education. Interns learn about ethics and what leads individuals and nations to conflicts that hinder peaceful relations. Students take a monthlong course at the Mountain House—a former Swiss palace where the Franco-German peace talks were held in 1946. Interns work with delegations from the Balkans, Russia, the Middle East, Somalia, South Africa and other nations.

Program participants study with experts on conflict resolution, learning why conflicts occur and how the peace process is affected. Interns take a trip to Geneva to see nongovernmental organizations in action. They work a minimum of eight hours a week assisting Caux Center’s peace conference organizers. At the close of the program, students give mini- workshops based on what they’ve learned.


Open to college juniors and seniors, recent college graduates and graduate students. Non-U.S. citizens are eligible. Applicants must have a high GPA, exhibit leadership abilities and have studied a foreign language. Those with community service experience and an interest in the ethics of international affairs are preferred.

Caux Scholars Program

Kathy Aquilina, Program Director
Caux Scholars Program


Number of Interns: 10 to 20
Compensation/Benefits: Academic Credit, Program Fee, Unpaid
Duration: N/A
Academic Level: College Juniors, College Seniors, Recent College Graduates, Graduate Students


Washington, DC