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ClearView Healthcare Partners

About ClearView Healthcare Partners

COVID-19 Update

In response to the spread of COVID-19, ClearView mandated all employees work from home starting in March. Online tools have helped us to seamlessly transition to virtual project work and interview processes during this period, and while we look forward to our 2020 class joining us, we are monitoring the situation and will not ask employees or candidates to be in our physical offices until we believe it is safe to return.

ClearView is a boutique consulting firm in the life sciences strategy field. The company has enjoyed exponential growth since its founding in 2007, providing advice and insights across four main areas of focus: pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, and diagnostics. Having somehow thrived despite the recession during its early days, the firm has now become established, with a steady list of clients and constant demand for its services.

The company's core strength is the specificity of its field: because the needs of life sciences companies are unique, they can't be served by just any consultant, instead requiring people who understand the medical and scientific issues involved-not to mention the intersection with the business world. It was that gap in the market that led to the decision to found the firm-and it's no surprise that each of the founders has deep experience and expertise in the field.

ClearView Healthcare Partners

275 Washington Street, Suite 405
Boston, MA 2458
Phone: (617) 340-2380


Number of Interns: 10 to 20
Compensation/Benefits: Paid
Duration: 6 to 12 weeks
Academic Level: College Juniors


Newton, MA