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CapTech Elevate Internship
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About CapTech Elevate Internship

CapTech is a national consulting firm that helps clients grow efficient, successful businesses. We do so by bringing the data, systems, and ingenuity organizations need to stay ahead and transform what’s possible in a changing world.

Here, we’re master builders, creators, and problem solvers who find inspiration in the unknown and enjoy getting our hands dirty as we design solutions for each client. Across industries and business goals, we fuse technical depth and analytical prowess with creative savvy to ignite innovation and move business forward. This drive helps each organization use technology, management, and insight to turn ideas into action. Together, we create outcomes that exceed the expected — which is one of the reasons we’ve been on the Inc 500/1000 list for over a decade.

Have you ever had a boring internship? Have you ever felt like the work you did wasn't meaningful or was just a small piece of the overall picture? Did you ever go to an internship to learn more about the role and a company, but came away not really learning much at all? At CapTech, we designed our internship with you in mind. You'll be working in tandem with other interns for twelve weeks and experiencing the full lifecycle of a typical IT consulting project. You'll be working to help solve some of CapTech's internal projects, including all aspects of the analysis, design, development, and deployment of an internal tool to help benefit CapTech. We've designed the program to help interns fully experience the many roles consultants play in everyday projects.

In addition to the project work, each intern is paired with a senior CapTech consultant who serves as their evaluator throughout the summer. The evaluator will work with the intern to document their goals at the beginning of the internship and track them through to the final evaluation at the end. Interns will also sit through a weekly "lunch and learn" with a CapTech senior partner, getting the opportunity to learn and hear the experiences of our most senior consultants. CapTech also sponsors our interns to partake in Richmond's local "YRichmond" Intern program, giving them exposure to workshops and fun events around the area. At the end of the internship, the intern teams get the opportunity to present their project to the company.

By the end of the internship, our interns walk away fully understanding the expectations and life of an IT consultant, as well as understanding what makes CapTech so special.



Ideal candidates are students who have just completed their junior year and have a major in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Systems Engineering, Business Information Technology, or a related field. We look for a strong consulting fit, including energetic, goal-oriented individuals with excellent interpersonal, facilitation, and communications skills. We are looking for students who want to experience the full lifecycle of a consulting engagement and are willing to be flexible and adaptable in taking on multiple roles, being self-sufficient, and wanting to tackle challenging problems.

Why Intern Here


Internships are not created equal. The best internships give students a safe environment to learn how they can contribute and succeed in their first professional job. Elevate, CapTech’s award-winning summer internship program, provides meaningful immersion into the full lifecycle of an IT consulting project. Our unique 12-week program simulates a client engagement where an intern can achieve a full understanding of the consulting experience while solving business problems with innovative technology solutions. Interns work in self-led teams and are paired with more senior consultants for coaching and technical support. Additionally, interns enjoy weekly lunch-and-learns with CapTech’s senior leadership team. In the end, the Elevate program helps students experience real professional growth and provides the opportunity to build innovative solutions that generate value and impact. In 2019, ranked Elevate #4 in its list of “50 Best Consulting Internships in the Country.”

CapTech Elevate Internship

7100 Forest Ave
Richmond, VA 23236
Phone: 804-683-0536


Number of Interns: 10 to 20
Compensation/Benefits: Paid
Duration: 6 to 12 weeks
Academic Level: College Juniors


Richmond, VA