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About Pro-Found Software, Inc.

Pro-Found Software, Inc., has been creating software for midsize and large businesses across several industries since 1989. Founded by its Chief Technology Officer William Frenkel, the company excels at low-maintenance integration products, offers fixed-price contracts and boasts a technology demonstration center for its clients. Its founder describes himself as a “compulsive simplifier.”

The company’s official view of internships is a Chinese proverb: “Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.” Pro-Found Software, Inc., looks for interns who are “elegant” problem-solvers to work on the full life cycle of a software program’s development.


Open to all college students, including international students. Proficiency in JAVA and/or C/C++ is required, and exposure to web-based programming is a plus.

Pro-Found Software, Inc.

Internship Coordinator
Pro-Found Software, Inc.
Pro-Found Software, Inc.
4555 Henry Hudson Parkway, A206
Riverdale, NY 10471
Phone: (646) 831-2990


Number of Interns: Less than 10
Compensation/Benefits: Paid
Duration: N/A
Academic Level: College Freshmen, College Sophomores, College Juniors, College Seniors


New York, NY