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HSBC North America Holdings Retail Banking and Wealth Management Internships
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HSBC North America Holdings

About HSBC North America Holdings Retail Banking and Wealth Management Internships

With $580 billion in assets, HSBC North America Holdings includes HSBC USA, HSBC Canada and the HSBC Finance Corporation, which provides retail banking, credit cards, lending, insurance and other consumer services.  In the U.S., HSBC's business lines are commercial banking, personal financial services, private banking and global banking and markets.  The vast majority of its 460-plus branches are in New York state, but others can be found in Connecticut, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Illinois, Oregon, Washington State, California, Florida, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

HSBC's Retail Banking and Wealth Management serves millions of customers worldwide through its branch network, call centres, and digital and mobile banking. They also connect institutional and retail clients with investment opportunities through its Asset Management division. The firm offers two internships in this field:

  • Retail Banking and Wealth Management Internship - This internship provides penultimate-year university students with experience in both a customer-facing role and a specialist function within Retail Banking and Wealth Management, with a view to developing a long-term international career in retail banking. In addition to the U.S., the 8-12 week program is offered in China, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, the United Arab Emirates and the UK. An interns' time will be divided between a role in a branch or contact centre and a role in a specialist head office team, such as product design. The firm will encourage interns to take on responsibility and bring new ideas to the table, as a valued part of the team. The internship will provide an introduction to the range and complexity of HSBC's Retail Banking and Wealth Management business, and an understanding of the drivers of an excellent customer experience. Interns will also have the opportunity to complete a challenging project that meets a business or community priority. This could focus on improving the customer experience, recommending process improvements, maximising customer leads or contributing to a fundraising activity.

  • Global Asset Management Internships - This 10-week internship, only offered in Hong Kong and the UK, offers penultimate year degree students the opportunity to build their knowledge in the part of the bank that develops and manages investment management products and services to connect clients to investment opportunities around the world. After a one-week induction, including IT and technical training tailored to Global Asset Management, interns will start learning on the job in your placement - investments, business development and sales or product; which will allow them to focus on developing their knowledge of Global Asset Management’s investment capabilities and customer groups. They will have the opportunity to contribute and deliver in the firm's fast-paced environment, which will help them build analytical and communication skills, demonstrate their initiative and experience HSBC's collaborative team spirit. Measurable objectives will be set for interns at the beginning of their internship and they'll receive regular feedback on their performance.

During either internship, there will be many people on hand to offer support. A manager will be able to provide guidance on career options. Interns will also be assigned a mentor who will help them to get the most out of the experience, and a buddy to share ideas with and who they can call on for advice. There will be regular business and social events to attend so interns can build a network of global contacts, which will prove invaluable to them in the future. They can also take part in sustainability initiatives, which could help them become a future leader of HSBC, while adding value to the communities in which the firm works.



Retail Banking and Wealth Management Internship - To be considered for the internship, you will be a student in your penultimate year who:

  • For U.S.-based internships, applicants must have a 3.2 GPA

  • Demonstrates our values – open, dependable and connected

  • Has a passion for customer service

  • Is proactive in taking responsibility and improving your own performance

  • Has a genuine interest in a career in Retail Banking

  • Has aspirations to develop a career as a leader in Retail Banking

  • Is nationally mobile

  • Complies with regulations and procedures

  • Has an interest in developing others

  • Is fluent in written and spoken English

  • Is eligible to work in your preferred country

  • Has not applied for any HSBC Internship Programme within the past six months

  • Has the highest standards of behaviour

  • Meets HSBC's credit history criteria and agrees to a criminal record search


Global Asset Management Internship - To be considered for the internship, you will be a student in your penultimate year, in any discipline, who:

  • Demonstrates HSBC's values – open, dependable and connected – in daily work

  • Is commercially aware

  • Has a strong interest in international finance and markets

  • Has a global outlook

  • Has the ability to communicate and collaborate

  • Is able to analyse and research complex issues and then make measured decisions

  • Has the highest standards of behaviour

  • Is fluent in English (written and verbal)

  • Is graduating in 2017

  • Is hard-working, self-motivated and willing to take on new challenges


Additional requirements are based on specific regions.  Check for more specific information related to your region.

HSBC North America Holdings Retail Banking and Wealth Management Internships

HSBC North America Holdings
26525 North Riverwoods Blvd.
Mettawa, IL 60045-2000


Compensation/Benefits: Paid
Duration: 6 to 12 weeks
Academic Level: College Juniors
Degree Track: Bachelor of Arts
Industry Experience: 0-1 year
Minimum GPA Preferred: 3.00-3.49