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About Texas Monthly

Since 1973, Texas Monthly has covered life in contemporary Texas, reporting on issues such as politics, the environment, industry and education. As a leisure guide, Texas Monthly refers to itself as the “indispensable authority” on the Texas scene, covering music, the arts, travel, restaurants, museums and cultural events.

Interns work on various projects in all aspects of the magazine’s operations. Internships in Austin focus on accounting, advertising and sales, development, art, audience development and advertising, research, custom publishing, digital, editorial, general administration and Human Resources, marketing, production and technology. The Houston, Dallas and NYC offices offer internships in advertising and sales. 20% of an interns time is dedicated to job shadowing, while the rest of duties vary depending on the department’s needs and the intern’s skills and interests.


Open to college freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors.

Texas Monthly

Texas Monthly, Internship Coordinator
Texas Monthly
P.O. Box 1569
Austin, TX 78767-1569
Phone: (512) 320-6900


Number of Interns: 21 to 50
Compensation/Benefits: Academic Credit, Unpaid
Duration: N/A
Academic Level: College Freshmen, College Sophomores, College Juniors, College Seniors


Austin, TX