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About American Airlines MBA Leadership Program

One Company. Many Destinations.

MBA Leadership Program

Because our industry is highly competitive and ever changing, we seek to hire bright and innovative MBAs to help set our strategic direction and ensure we meet the challenges facing our industry. The purpose of the program is to offer MBAs challenging and rewarding work, and to build a strong leadership pipeline for AA.

An established, proven program

Our CEO Thomas Horton is among many of our senior officers recruited through the program. More than 200 MBAs currently participate in the leadership program, which means that our MBAs have a strong network within our company to leverage learning and career path planning.

Industry Challenge = MBA Career Opportunity

Since the inception of the MBA Leadership Program, our leaders have always looked to the MBA talent pool to drive the company’s success. While today’s challenges are paramount, AA has a precedent for successfully navigating difficult times. Because of our current challenges, we are vigorously recruiting innovative MBAs.

Our business needs are ever changing. As a result, American continues to be an exciting work place. AA has always been a leader the airline industry. “Innovation” coupled “with absolute resolve to overcome our challenges” is a core workplace value. At American, you can make a difference.

MBA Program Leadership Development

We understand that professional development is important to you. As such, we provide new MBAs with a partner to help navigate AA’s landscape. Executive Brown Bag Lunches are scheduled throughout the year. Quarterly MBA Leadership Forums provide you the opportunity to network, as well as hear directly from our Senior Executive Leadership Team on a variety of industry topics and career path tips.

MBA Leadership Program Employment Opportunities

MBA Finance and Planning Analyst
MBA Finance and Planning Analyst Intern
MBA Purchasing Commodity Manager
MBA Strategy / Marketing Analyst
MBA Strategy / Marketing Analyst Intern

MBA Internship Program

The MBA Summer Intern Program is a developmental assignment that provides interns with real-time work projects, leadership development opportunities, as well as involvement in corporate social responsibility. Work projects involve assignments that are relevant to American’s current business needs and opportunities.

The internship program features an Executive Speaker Series in which interns regularly meet as a group with leaders across business functions. Interns are also involved in American’s ongoing MBA development opportunities held during their stay. Interns enjoy touring various aspects of American’s operations, as well as taking day trips with business partners.

While we value the experience you bring, we also value your need for work/life balance by providing social and community involvement. Interns are afforded travel privileges enabling them to connect to the international and domestic destinations that American Airlines serves.

2009 MBA Summer Interns


What are we looking for when we recruit MBAs?

Strong analytical skills coupled with the ability to develop strategy

Excellent communication skills

Teamwork & Collaboration

Proven leadership ability, initiative, and individuals that are self-motivated

Champion of change and vision

Ability to make sound ethical decisions that drive results

Customer focus

Love of family, friends, work, and community

American Airlines MBA Leadership Program

Vincent Battles
American Airlines
4333 Amon Carter Blvd., MD 5158
Fort Worth


Number of Interns: 10 to 20
Compensation/Benefits: Paid
Duration: 6 to 12 weeks
Academic Level: Business School Students