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Venture Capital Chief Financial Officers


In the early days of the venture capital (VC) industry, founders managed the accounting and financial reporting functions of their firms. As the number of VC firms grew and assets under management increased, founders became too busy to handle these duties. As a result, VC firms began hiring accountants, controllers, and chief financial officers (CFOs) from the corporate world to take on these responsibilities.

Increasingly complex financial transactions, a trend toward more government regulation, and growing demand by investors for transparency and more due diligence information have prompted VC managing partners to rely ever-more on chief financial officers. “The modern CFO has publicly emerged as not only a financial leader, but also a business leader,” according to “She is not just a number cruncher, but also a power player in the C-suite. No longer taking a back seat in business discussions, the modern CFO acts as a key driver for evaluating strategic opportunities for a business.”