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Resort Workers


The travel and tourism industry has enjoyed steady growth over the years. Factors such as the rising number of two-income families, easier, affordable means of travel, and the public's love for fun and relaxation have triggered the increase of travel destinations in the United States and abroad. There are different kinds of resorts, each catered to meet specific tastes, expectations, and budgets. Here are some of the more popular types of resorts:

Beach Resorts

Great locations and warm, temperate climates make beach resorts popular vacation destinations. The same factors create tough competition when it comes to employment at such resorts. Does the idea of working in the Florida Keys or Hawaiian Islands sound attractive to you? Beach resorts offer outdoor activities such as snorkeling, surfing, sailing, and swimming. Here's the downside: The high cost of living in such regions can eat into your paycheck.

Alpine Resorts

Alpine resorts are popular winter vacation destinations—offering downhill skiing, sledding, and snowboarding. Many alpine resorts market warm weather activities such as hiking and biking in the off season. However, some resort areas, especially those located in Colorado, have a high cost of living.

Adventure Resorts

Dude ranches and rafting companies are some examples of adventure travel options. They are generally smaller operations and employ fewer workers, and many applicants are attracted to the exciting atmosphere. Most adventure resorts are found in out-of-the way locations. As a result, if you crave big-city night life during your off hours, this may not be the option for you.

Eco Resorts

Eco resorts, or ecological resorts, strive to make the best use of natural resources readily available to them. Everything from the construction of the resort to the food, towels, bath accessories, and activities reflects a mission to be in harmony with the natural environment and have little to no impact on the surroundings. These resorts usually offer eco tours and opportunities for resort visitors to volunteer on ecological projects.

Hotels, Spas, and Casinos.

They are the biggest employers in the industry, offering many entry-level positions, as well as openings for specially trained dealersconciergesgolf instructors, and masseurs. Busy seasons vary, though you can expect to have a job year-round. These resorts tend to cater to an upscale clientele, so service standards are quite high and the work atmosphere is more structured. Luxury hotels and spas are located throughout the United States; the larger casino/resorts are located in the gambling meccas of Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

Theme Parks

Theme and amusement parks, located throughout the country, employ thousands of workers every year. Many job opportunities, such as ride attendantsfood service workers, and retail sales workers, are entry-level positions; most are seasonal. Some of the larger theme resorts offer internships, or work/study programs.

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