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Recreation Workers


Americans enjoy more leisure time today than at any other period in history. The introduction of new technology, along with changing labor laws, has shrunk the workday and workweek. Workers receive increased vacation time, often setting their own flexible hours and, in many cases, retiring at an earlier age. The use of labor-saving devices and convenience foods in the home adds more free hours to a family's time, while increased income provides extra money for recreational activities.

During the last generation, leisure has become a time for planned activity. New services and revolutionized old ones have been developed to help Americans find beneficial ways in which to use their spare time.

Organized recreation has been of great value to those in nursing homes and other extended-care facilities. The occupations in recreation work grew out of the awareness that people were happier when they participated in activities. Today's recreation professionals are specialists in motivating people. They are trained, responsible leaders who understand and are sensitive to human needs and who are dedicated to helping people help themselves through recreation.

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