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Real Estate Writers


The modern publishing age began in the 18th century. Printing became mechanized, and the novel, magazine, and newspaper developed. The first newspaper in the American colonies appeared in the early 18th century, but it was Benjamin Franklin who, as editor and writer, made the Pennsylvania Gazette one of the most influential in setting a high standard for his fellow American journalists. Franklin also published the first magazine in the colonies, The American Magazine, in 1741.

Advances in the printing trades, photoengraving, retailing, and the availability of capital produced a boom in newspapers and magazines in the 19th century. Further mechanization in the printing field, such as the use of the Linotype machine, high-speed rotary presses, and special color reproduction processes, set the stage for still further growth in the book, newspaper, and magazine industry.

In addition to the print media, the broadcasting industry has contributed to the development of the professional writer. Radio, television, and the Internet are sources of information, education, and entertainment that provide employment for thousands of journalistic writers.

Many newspapers now have special sections or columns devoted to a particular topic of interest to readers—such as real estate. Entire magazines cover different aspects of the real estate industry, from construction to real estate sales and management. Tremendous growth in the real estate industry has resulted in increased coverage and the need for talented writers to report and comment on the news. Today, real estate-related topics are covered in newspapers, popular magazines, industry journals and Web sites, and broadcast media.