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Nuclear Reactor Operators and Technicians


Licensed nuclear reactor operators work in nuclear power plant control rooms, where they monitor instruments that record the performance of every pump, compressor, and other treatment system in the reactor unit. Nuclear power plants must have operators on duty at all times. In addition to monitoring the instruments in the control room, the nuclear reactor operator runs periodic tests on equipment at the station. Nuclear reactor operator technicians are in training to become operators; they study nuclear science theory and learn to perform reactor operation and control activities. They work under the supervision of licensed nuclear reactor operators, and later they work as beginning operators. Senior operators, or senior reactor operators, have further training and experience and oversee the activities of nuclear reactor operators and technicians.

Salary Range

$50,000 to $100,000+

Minimum Education Level

High School Diploma




Little Change or More Slowly than the Average
Personality Traits


Hands On


Career Ladder
Senior Reactor Operator

Nuclear Reactor Operator

Nuclear Reactor Technician



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