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Food Writers and Editors


The skill of writing has existed for thousands of years; writing about food has probably existed just as long. Recipes have been found recorded on clay tablets from Mesopotamia dating back more than 3,800 years. One of the oldest surviving cookbooks, De Re Coquinaria, is a collection of recipes generally attributed to a Roman gourmet by the name of Marcus Apicius, who lived during the first century.

After many centuries of writing recipes and cookbooks, people moved on to writing about food, its preparation, and reviewing food-serving establishments. One of the first magazines in the United States dedicated solely to food and wine, Gourmet, was published in 1941 (it was discontinued in October 2009, but its sister publication, Bon Appetit, is still in business). Gourmet was also the first U.S. magazine to regularly publish restaurant reviews, something that is quite common now.

Today, there are many online and print magazines devoted to food, and most newspapers have sections devoted to food, as well. Take a walk down the food/cookbook aisle at any bookstore and the sheer number of books and the variety of food topics covered may amaze you. Food writers also have a strong presence on the Internet. There are many Web sites devoted to food; some writers even have their own food blogs. Today, food writers and editors are busier than ever.

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