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Document Management Specialists

The Job

Document management specialists are hired by companies to develop and monitor document management systems for their employees. Specialists meet with the companies' employees to discuss their needs and requirements of the systems they use for managing documents. They also find out if there are issues with accessing electronic content in order to improve on the document management system. The job requires strong knowledge of computers as well as excellent interpersonal skills for dealing with a wide variety of employees, from subordinates and peers to upper management.

The job entails electronically managing all of the documents and records of the company. Document management specialists must also keep up with the laws for managing documents and records, to ensure the company's document management system is in compliance. They consult with information technology specialists to determine the most effective and efficient systems for electronic document processing, retrieval, and distribution. They also help companies establish organizational policies for efficient, legal, and secure electronic document management.

Typical work activities for document management specialists include collecting information about employees' needs and documenting this information in written or electronic form; providing technical support for the maintenance or use of document management software systems; monitoring companies' operations activities; and developing procedures for managing data. They use a wide variety of computer software programs in their work, such as analytical software (CAPSYS Capture, for example), data base user interface and query software (FileMaker Pro, IBM DB2), document management software (Adobe Acrobat), enterprise resource planning software (SAP ERP Financials), and operating system software (IBM MVS, UNIX, or Linux).

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