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In its earliest days, advertising allowed merchants to go from street to shop, adopting symbols and later written signs to show the goods and services they offered. With the invention of paper and advances in education that enabled more and more people to read, tack-up signs became common. When printing was introduced in the 15th century, advertising was truly revolutionized. Merchants began printing and distributing handbills by the hundreds. Advertisements in newspapers became a familiar sight by the 17th century. By the end of the 1800s, magazines were carrying ads of all kinds.

In 1865, a new system was introduced to newspapers: the selling of space specifically for advertisers. Soon ads could be seen on huge outdoor billboards, between your favorite television shows, and on radio broadcasts. Today, the Internet has revolutionized the advertising industry, allowing advertisers not only to reach a new audience, but to interact with them as well.

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