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Computer Trainers


The field of computer training has been around since about 1983, when the computer industry exploded with the introduction of the first PCs. With all of the new software packages being released, individual information technology and information services departments could not possibly keep up with the amount of training their employees needed. Software vendor companies started sending their employees out to teach new purchasers how to use their products, and a new section of the computer industry was born.

In the beginning, computer training was conducted like any other training, in a classroom setting with an instructor. Although that type of training is still prevalent today, current training methods incorporate new technology. According to the Association for Talent Development (ATD), workplace educators are turning to technology to deliver their instructions. Developments in hardware, computer networking, multimedia software, and video conferencing have increased opportunities for multiple-site instruction and training closer to people's work sites.

Technological developments constantly change the process in which work is done. As a result, computer trainers must be up to date on the latest developments and improvements in computer systems and programs. ATD also notes that training departments are finding new ways to deliver computer training, by using support networks of internal and external training providers, including consultants, community colleges, and universities.

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