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Vault Education Editors

Vault’s Admit One is a blog that covers news and trends in higher education. Admit One contributors offer guidance on applying—and getting into—college, law school and business school. The blog also offers tips on succeeding in school and landing a job post graduation.

Contributors have included:

  • David Limm: David studied journalism at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. He received his undergraduate degree from Brown University.
  • Carolyn Wise: Carolyn holds a degree in English Literature from Princeton University. Carolyn has edited a number of Vault education guides, including Vault Buzz Books and the 2010 Edition of the Vault Guide to Top Internships.

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Dean of NYU-Stern on the Benefits of an MBA, Leadership

by Vault Education Editors | July 15, 2011

Big Think interviews Dean Thomas Cooley of NYU-Stern. He addresses, among other things, the benefits of an MBA and whether leadership can be taught.

Law Prof: Problem Is Law Schools Keep Helping the Wealthy

by Vault Education Editors | July 14, 2011

The children of modest means have to deal with a decision-making process that pits cost versus prestige, which has broad consequences.

Unemployed? Thinking about an MBA? Get a Job First

by Vault Education Editors | July 14, 2011

If you're out of work and think you might want to go for your MBA?or if you're considering quitting a job you hate to do so?carefully consider your strategy.

Changes in Death-Care Industry Show Need for MBA in Funeral

by Vault Education Editors | July 13, 2011

Death-care, a multi-billion dollar industry, has suffered a lot of changes in recent times. Big changes are needed and coming.

Can You Tell if an MBA Is a Liar and a Cheat?

by Vault Education Editors | July 12, 2011

A recent study using MBA students concluded that those with a certain trait were more likely to lie and cheat.

The Higher Ed Debate: A Summary of Arguments

by Vault Education Editors | July 12, 2011

Here?s a roundup of some arguments for and some against going to college

Marc Andreessen: MBA Indicator Shows No Tech Bubble

by Vault Education Editors | July 11, 2011

Netscape founder and venture capitalist Marc Andreessen explains one reason why he doesn't think we are amidst another tech bubble.

3 Reasons Why B-School Visits Are a Good Idea

by Vault Education Editors | July 07, 2011

3 Reasons Why B-School Visits Are a Good Idea

The Two Most Important Things in an Internship

by Vault Education Editors | July 06, 2011

An internship should have two things in order to be worthwhile and meaningful. What are they?

Did Some Law Schools Actually Shrink Enrollment?

by Vault Education Editors | July 06, 2011

Career advice for prospective law students, following news that some law schools cut enrollments.

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