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About Vanguard


Vanguard was founded in 1975 by John C. Bogle. Vanguard was established as a client-owned mutual fund company, which means it has no outside owners seeking profits. This has afforded the company the opportunity to make decisions based on client feedback and maintain lower investment fees for clients. Vanguard’s client-owned structure is both revolutionary and unique in the industry, and the company is recognized as an industry leader in low-cost investing. Vanguard’s main corporate office is located in Wayne, Pennsylvania.

Vanguard offers a range of financial services, including money market accounts, retirement funds, bonds, and wealth management. Students and recent graduates will find internship opportunities at Vanguard in areas such as investment management, general management, information technology, bilingual retirement plan services, and more. Applicants with more experience will find opportunities in areas such as product management, business development, data analytics, software engineering, or investment risk management.

Vanguard is committed to conserving the environment by reducing its carbon footprint. Its sustainability goals include achieving 100 percent renewable energy, as well as reaching carbon neutrality throughout its global operations. The former goal was reached as of 2021, while the latter is on trajectory for accomplishment by 2025. Vanguard’s Strong Start for Kids program is a charitable organization that aims to improve school readiness for impoverished children, giving them a better opportunity to thrive. The program is largely supported by the volunteer hours of Vanguard employees.


455 Devon Park Drive
Wayne, PA 19087
Phone: (610) 669-1000

Firm Stats

CEO: Mortimer J. Buckley

Base Salary

$43,719 - $187,279

Major Office Locations

Charlotte, NC
Scottsdale, AZ

Major Departments & Practices

Client Services
Corporate Support
Data & Analytics
Financial Advisor & Investment Management
Sales & Marketing