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“Old boys club culture destructive for the Company's success”

salary and benefits are quiet good. Regular day off and Union having an agreement to secure wage increase every year is awesome. recent bonus structure paid by quarter is wise.


Sicken by the culture having a lot to do with conservative old boys clubs. Women too they follow these old boys around just to make themselves look protected. As a matter of fact, observation tells me women at PG&E are not sufficiently empowered and most need these old boys to make their career thrive or otherwise they are unseen. For example, some male manager in our department who has worked for more than 30 years and never worked in any other companies. He is a bully and selectively likes to verbally bully staff who are new comers, women, minority and contractors whom he believes are powerless and have no avenue to complain. He tends to get away from his bullying as he seems to be so "popular" in the group that no one believes he would be such a bully. But he is and most of the time, he demonstrates favoritism and makes extreme biased judgement calls towards the staff whom he dislikes to work with. He insults them in meetings and intentionally said things to destroy them. Even the person made a good point in the meeting, he likes to sabotage the person and then comes back with his own spin to get to the original conclusion that the person originally suggested and then he would claim it was his idea. He is one of the worse kinds at PG&E. And that he is not the only one but there are plenty of these people in the company who have similar seniority behave this way.

No matter what, the company desperately needs transformation and has to progressively lays off people like this manager let them go or ask them to retire ASAP. Luckily this manager will be retiring in June thanks god! Otherwise I can’t stand his toxic influences anymore. PGE needs a lot of forward thinkers and progressive implementer to really do that jobs instead of keeping these old timers around who try to drive the boats but fail for so many decades. They need to retire asap.

Advice to Candidates

Do informational interview first to figure out: is the work really the type you want to do. PG&E is big so the tasks are so microscopically divided so the knowledge base is very narrow.

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