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About Cogentrix Energy Power Management LLC

Cogentrix Energy's cogent energy strategy entails developing electric generating facilities. Cogentrix is a subsidiary of the asset manager The Carlyle Group, the company develops, owns, and operates about 20 independent power plants, in the US. The company markets wholesale power to electric utilities across North America. In addition to developing conventional (coal and gas-fired) power plants, Cogentrix Energy is also operating green power (solar, wind and hydroelectric) plants in the US and elsewhere.


The company operates through two major services: Asset management services and Field services.

Asset management services includes, operations and engineering; field services, outage and maintenance support; environment, health; and remote operations center.

Cogentrix's field service offers maintenance, repair, outage and management services top power generation facility owners. The company's experienced specialists and engineers offer a broad range of technical field services with steam, combined cycle and renewable power generation equipment. Specialties include Dynamic Turbo Machinery Analysis and Balancing; Craft Labor Supervision; Large Generator Advisory and Testing; DSC Controls; Operational Data aggregation, visualization and analysis; and many more.

Geographic Reach

The company's headquarters are located at Charlotte, North Carolina.

Cogentrix Energy Power Management LLC

13860 Balntyn Corp Pl STE 300
Charlotte, NC 28277-3167
Phone: 1 (704) 525-3800

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Privately Owned
Senior Vice President: John Collins
Chief Mechanical Engineer: Greg Krause
Assistant Chief Electrical Engineer: Valentino Vila
Employees (This Location): 65
Employees (All Locations): 578

Major Office Locations

Charlotte, NC

Other Locations

Golden, CO
Jacksonville, FL
Carneys Point, NJ
Kennerdell, PA
Hopewell, VA
Portsmouth, VA
Suffolk, VA