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About Mesa Air Group, Inc.

Mesa Air helps keep big carriers connected to many little places. Through its group of regional airline subsidiaries, the company serves approximately 730 daily departures to about 125 cities across nearly 40 states, Canada, Cuba, and Mexico, via a fleet of some 145 aircraft. Subsidiaries led by Mesa Airlines and Freedom Airlines, operate under contract to provide connecting service for other airlines, including America Airlines and United Continental's United Airlines. 


The company's operations consist primarily of contract flight services as well as pass-through and other. The Contract flight services accounts for roughly 95% of its revenue. The remaining accounts for the Pass-through and other segment

Contract flight services consists of the fixed monthly amounts per aircrafts received pursuant to their capacity purchase agreements with their major airline partners.

Pass-Through and Other consists of passenger and hull insurance, aircraft property taxes, maintenance and other related to aircraft.

Geographic Reach

Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, the company also has maintenance facilities to support its operation in some parts of Texas, in Kentucky and in Washington.

Financial Performance

From 2016 to 2019, revenue for the Group was on an upward trend before a drastic fall in 2020.

In 2020, revenue decreased by 25% to $545.1 million. Contract revenue decreased by $176.2 million, or 26%, primarily due to a decrease in flying on its CRJ-900, CRJ-700, and E-175 fleets as a result of COVID-19. Its pass-through and other revenue decreased during fiscal year 2020 by $2 million, or 5%, primarily due to a reduction in pass-through maintenance costs related to its E-175 fleet.

Net income for the year was $27.5 million, 42% lower compared to 2019. The decrease in income were due to lower revenue and lower operating expenses.

Cash and cash equivalents at the end of the period were $102.8 million. Net cash provided by operating activities was $174.7 million, while cash used in investing and financing activities were $26.7 million and $117.7 million, respectively. Main cash uses were for payment of debts and leases and capital expenditures.


The company's business strategy consists of the following elements: 

Establishing itself as a low cost, efficient and reliable provider of regional airline services. It intends to continue its disciplined cost control approach through responsible outsourcing of certain operating functions, by flying large regional aircraft with associated lower maintenance costs and common flight crews across fleet types, and through the diligent control of corporate and administrative costs implementing company-wide efforts to improve our cost position;

Attracting, recruiting and retaining pilots has supported its industry-leading fleet growth. It intends to continue to offer competitive compensation packages, foster a positive and supportive work environment and provide opportunities to fly state-of-the-art, large-gauged regional jets to differentiate us from other carriers and make it an attractive place to work and build a career;

Maintaining a prudent capital structure. It believes that the strength of its balance sheet and credit profile will enables it to optimize terms with lessors and vendors and allows it to procure and finance aircraft on competitive terms; and

Minimize or eliminate, as much as possible, so-called "tail risk," which is the amount of aircraft-related lease obligations or projected negative equity existing beyond the term of that aircraft's corresponding capacity purchase agreement. It intends to continue to align the terms of its aircraft leases and financing agreements with the terms of its capacity purchase agreements in order to maintain low "tail risk."

Mesa Air Group, Inc.

410 N 44th St Ste 700
Phoenix, AZ 85008-7690
Phone: 1 (602) 685-4000

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Publicly Owned
Stock Symbol: MESA
Stock Exchange: , NASDAQ
COO: Michael L. Ferverda
President and CFO: Michael J. Lotz
Chairman and CEO: Jonathan G. Ornstein
Employees (This Location): 289
Employees (All Locations): 3,576

Major Office Locations

Phoenix, AZ

Other Locations

Flagstaff, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Louisville, KY
Albuquerque, NM
Sterling, VA