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“Interviewed by a Bull”

The phone interview was on time. It began promptly at 8:00 AM as promised and ended at 8:33 AM.


The interviewer provided a LinkedIn profile. There were two previous roles as a Vice President but there did not appear to be the backing of that title during the interview. The interview was more of a monologue peppered with a few "how would you address this" personnel questions. This was expected to be a technical interview in a salary range over $150k.

At the conclusion of 25 minutes I was able to inquire "tell me about your applications." This discussion answered for me why there had been constant complaint from the interviewer as to Agile Scrum teams not meeting performance goals.

I do not recommend working for someone who is running scarred.

Advice to Candidates

Wait perhaps six months and interview on the UI team. My interviewer will be long gone by then. At that point, roll up your sleeves, take the salary, and clean the mess up. Upper management will love you at that point.

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