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“Overall a great company”

Great company, amazing employee perks, great coworkers, location flexibility (my city had multiple properties, but also if you're willing to relocate).


As an hourly associate, I felt like a second class citizen. I worked in the Sales office out of college. I started as an assistant and then was promoted twice. The managers were salaried and had somewhat flexible schedules. I know there are employment laws and with the nature of the shift work of housekeepers, catering staff, front desk staff, etc clocking in and out is necessary, but as an office/desk worker, it was unnecessary.

Advice to Candidates

I was passed up for a promotion within my department for someone else from another property with many years of experience. I felt as though I would never get a chance to be promoted and so I ended up leaving the company. No way to prove my ability to reach a quota until they give me the chance. In another nearby department, the assistants and associates were always getting promoted to manager roles.

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