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About Frontier Airlines Holdings, Inc.

Faster than covered wagons, Frontier Airlines' planes part the clouds and fly the skies above the Rockies and over 80 destinations. The company operates as a scheduled passenger air carrier from hubs at Denver International and Milwaukee's General Mitchell International Airport. The airline maintains a fleet of more than 50 Airbus 319/320 jets with onboard amenities that include satellite, and roughly 20 Embraer E170/190 jet aircraft. It operates more than 350 daily flights with 140 to roughly 170 seats in each aircraft. Once owned by Republic Airways, Frontier Airlines was acquired by an investment fund affiliated with private equity firm Indigo Partners in late 2013.

Change in Company Type

From 2009 to 2013 Frontier was owned by Republic Airways until December 2013, when it was sold to an investment fund associated with Indigo Partners.


Frontier's business relies upon providing a low-fare alternative to United Airlines, the #1 carrier in the Denver market, coupled with maintaining its status with Milwaukee passengers. Some 95% of its flights start or end from hubs in Denver and Milwaukee.

Unlike other branded airlines Frontier's network of marketing alliances is limited to a code-sharing agreement with Great Lakes Aviation, constraining its ability to attract passenger traffic. (Code-sharing enables airlines to sell tickets on one another's flights and thus offer passengers service to more destinations.)

Geographic Reach

Headquartered at Indianapolis, Frontier offers flights to more than 85 destinations in Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Mexico, and the US. It primarily operates from its hub at Denver International Airport.

Frontier Airlines Holdings, Inc.

4545 Airport Way
Denver, CO 80239-5716
Phone: 1 (720) 374-4200

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Privately Owned
Vice President, Technical Operations: Gary Appling
Vice President Finance: Ashok Sah
Vice President, Marketing: Tyri Squyres
Employees (This Location): 6
Employees (All Locations): 6,170

Major Office Locations

Denver, CO

Other Locations

Phoenix, AZ
Colorado Springs, CO
Denver, CO
Indianapolis, IN
Omaha, NE
Nashville, TN