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William M. Trip Hawkins founded Electronic Arts in 1982. The company, often known as EA, went public that same year. Hawkins had been working at Apple Inc. when he decided to set out on his own technology adventure in the new and exciting world of video games. He established the headquarters in Redwood City, California. EA’s first game was for the Atari 800, a popular gaming system at the time. However, the Atari quickly went out of style and the Commodore system shifted into popularity. EA caught on quickly. That first lesson in adaptation is what has allowed EA to continue to dominate the gaming world to this day.

Some of EA’s most popular and iconic games include The Sims, Madden NFL, Apex Legends, FIFA, and Battlefield. It creates games for nearly every imaginable gaming platform including Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, as well as Mac and PC download. All of its games are created out of 20 design studios, all with a unique vision and shared passion for innovative gaming experience. Criterion is home to one of EA’s most popular game series, Battlefield. Respawn Entertainment has produced games like Star Wars Jedi and Apex Legends. Every studio, from Capital Games to Firemonkeys and more, represents Electronic Arts’ over 40-year commitment to growing with the gaming world and producing entertainment that is exciting and dynamic. EA Worldwide Studios is the organizational headquarters of all of the EA studios. This centralized structure allows for creative teams to focus on their art and design while corporate duties can be streamlined through one organized team.

Electronic Arts has a technology division that works to research and innovate the latest capabilities in gaming technology in software. In the Core Technology organization, 2,700 technologists work on the team to develop solutions and software that will make games faster, clearer, and more fun. Whether working for one of EA’s design studios, the Core Technology organization, or the corporate teams in finance or legal, EA employees enjoy extensive benefits, and not to mention free games. The passion for gaming runs deep through the company, and has since its beginnings.

Electronic Arts

209 Redwood Shores Pkwy
Redwood City, CA 94065
Phone: (800) 314-3291

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CEO: Andrew Wilson

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Redwood City, CA

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Software Development
Game Design
Development Director
Quality Verification
Game Product Management
Development Director
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