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At U.S. Cellular®, It’s More Than a Culture.
It’s a Feeling.

U.S. Cellular Life

What does it feel like to be around good people doing great work? A true sense of belonging. At U.S. Cellular, who you are and what you do will get others excited. And vice-versa. Because we share a common purpose across disciplines. And we interact with one another in ways that solve for “X.” Here, no associate is too far removed to make a meaningful contribution, or too small to be heard. At U.S. Cellular, you will know how and why your contribution matters. It’s all part and parcel of a philosophy of business that’s unique to us—an approach sometimes imitated, but never duplicated. It represents our collective DNA.  Learn more.


“I have no doubt that you’ll find all the people you work with at U.S. Cellular to be amazing. That isn’t by accident. It is by design.”

U.S. Cellular Associate, Culture Survey Results


How Will You Contribute?

Contributions are made in countless ways. From a well-placed smile in one of our stores to our next mind-bending network roll-out, the better question is, “How won’t you contribute?” Careers at U.S. Cellular mean many things to many associates—empowerment, professional growth, on-point leadership—but where we all agree is that everyone has a critical part to play. And that we’d be collectively lesser if anyone should believe otherwise.

This principle is so important to us because many of our best ideas come from unlikely sources. One person seeing a better way from a vantage point no one else enjoys. So we bring teams together and rally against siloed thinking. We ask informed questions and debate. And when that gem of an idea arises, we cut out the bureaucracy and move the ball forward.

Expertise? Of course. But a contextual expertise that results in something bigger than itself. That’s the essence of contribution at U.S. Cellular.  Learn more.


“This is the first time I have this feeling that I want to commit to one company for the rest of my life.”

U.S. Cellular Associate, Culture Survey Results


Benefits and Beyond

Feel confident about the support you receive from your place of work—and your ability to enjoy life outside of it—with Benefits and Beyond from U.S. Cellular. We empower our associates to soar in their professional endeavors and achieve professional recognition. Yet we also want them to thrive on a more personal level. And have access to the resources and programs they need to make each day more productive and enjoyable.

Which is why U.S. Cellular provides a compensation package that is comprehensive yet customizable. Whatever your objectives in life, we have your back. Concerned about your physical health, financial viability, and prospects for the future? So are we. And you can see this commitment in all that we offer to inspire your progress and empower your success.

U.S. Cellular extends all benefits to same- and opposite-sex spouses/domestic partners, as well as eligible children of domestic partners and your dependents. Learn more.


“I have amazing leaders who are interested in my contributions and future growth! I love this place.”

U.S. Cellular Associate, Culture Survey Results

U.S. Cellular reserves the right to amend, modify, revoke or terminate any of its benefit plans, in whole or in part, at any time, for any reason, without prior notice, and without approval of any employee, former employee or other person.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are more than words. At U.S. Cellular, these are core values that influence our strategies, actions, and ultimately, enhance our success. Genuine diversity and inclusion make us more talented, versatile, and better able to achieve our most important goals. That’s why our mission is to bring different people and perspectives together to collaborate, innovate and grow the business with a true spirit of passion.

Winning requires the efforts, ideas, and contributions of every associate, and we collaborate to foster a culture of inclusion where our differences are respected, valued and used to create innovative, high-performing teams.

Some companies talk about including everyone. At U.S. Cellular, we’re doing it. By listening to and working with our associates, we’ve established an array of corporate associate resource groups that bring different people together to collaborate, innovate, and grow our business. One of these is called the CapAble Associate Network (CAN). It’s focused on providing educational and developmental resources and increasing the awareness of matters that affect people with disabilities.

You might also check out our Latino Affinity Network (LAN), Network of Black Associates (NBA), USC Pride, Veteran Associates Leading Organizational Results (VALOR), and Women In Action (WIA) corporate associate resource groups. Learn more about them on our diversity page.