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Our Company Highlights:

It's About People. Our Company. And Our Work.

It’s amazing what happens when you’re surrounded by people who share your energy. It’s invigorating. It’s motivating. And at U.S. Cellular , it’s contagious. You’ll find this kind of encouragement, this little extra push, in every area of our business. It’ll make you feel more confident and capable. And it makes U.S. Cellular a place where you can reach higher and dream bigger. But be careful, you just might surprise yourself in a good way.

Wondering why you should join us when you have so many other choices? Our employment brand is defined by three important strengths: people, organization, and work. Here are but a few of the best reasons to become part of our Dynamic Organization:

As the nation’s fifth-largest full-service wireless network carrier, U.S. Cellular® offers so much more than a unique career experience. We provide a promising professional setting where individuals are empowered to become the professional they always knew they could be. As one of our 5,400 employees, you’ll enjoy exceptional opportunities to move—onward, upward, or even sideways—to ensure that you get where you want to go in your career. And every step along the way, you’ll be learning new skills and implementing them as you help us to provide the world’s best customer experience. U.S. Cellular is honored to have received the following awards.

We are a technology company about—and for—people. We exist for our associates, customers, and shareholders. Our job is to enhance the quality of people’s lives in all we do, and we rely upon the diverse contributions of multi-talented, creative, and authentic individuals. We rely upon great people to drive our company forward. Are we defined by technology? Yes. Do we succeed because of our people? Absolutely.

This is a place to realize inspired ideas. We are an organization that depends on focused and accountable leadership. And on an unequaled commitment to our customers at every turn, across every function, title, and role. Doing the right thing and personal empowerment are at the heart of who we are. Ours is a culture that welcomes distinct perspectives and honest and amicable disagreement. Because it makes us better. Stronger. More resilient. This is our heritage, and we’ll continue to work this way because it leads us to greater heights of success.

We work with purpose on work that matters. The work we do matters. And the contribution of every associate counts as much as any other. It’s spirited work—intended to challenge. To inspire. To draw out the best of every associate so that we deliver the very best to our customers. At U.S. Cellular, you can own your career and take it as far as your talent and passion permit.

We are a company focused on contribution, entrepreneurship, and leadership.

Contribution: We offer our associates this unique opportunity: Build something. Take the company to new levels. We hear you and care about you. We value deeply your dedication and abilities.

Entrepreneurship: We empower our associates to share ideas and own their jobs in ways that make the greatest contribution to the enterprise and their own professional development.

Leadership: We are determined to win our industry. We want our associates to grow and lead. We encourage them to move within the organization as they engage cross-functionally and develop new interests and skills.