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“IHX Fail”


Training programs

Discounted phone plans

Discounted accessories

Staying on top of latest tech trends


Management staff of IHX

No work life balance

70 hour - 6 day work weeks

Advice to Candidates

Where to begin? This is a new channel, if you are considering it..... RUN!!! Do not do it.

The channel is plagued by horrible management. Individuals were brought over under the guise that this was a customer service channel. What a joke. 100% sales. Unattainable targets that are being increased monthly. Initially we were told their would be no cap on commission (sounds great right? Wrong!) first thing they did was cap the commission at 250%. The goals are so high now in our market only 30% of the representatives were able to even hit their goal in October, even fewer if you account for both the Gross Add and the accessory goals together. When this was brought to managements attention first it was ignored, then it was disregarded. Many of the team members are being told they have to work 6 days a week till they hit goal. Some individuals were putting in 60-80 hour work weeks as exempt employees this is unacceptable. Zero work life balance.

Let’s also discuss “dispatching” being sent to houses with drugs, customers with no social security numbers, also being dispatched during hurricanes. Management telling you to get the sales closed, regardless of the impact on the company. The dispatching tool is a work in progress as well, many times representatives would pull up to customers houses after the technician had left. We were provided with a manual that indicated not to approach those customers, only to be told two months later that we need to be more aggressive and approach those customers as well. We were specifically told this could be considering soliciting, which let’s be truthful here that is what we are doing. They axed door to door only to rename it Integrated Solutions. Everything in the channel is a work in progress, I understand being flexible - but you can only bend over backwards for so long before you break.

Moral on my team was at an all time low - I am chalking that up to the worst manager I have ever had the displeasure of coming across. ALL vacations were revoked, mandatory Sunday shifts i

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