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About Tech Mahindra Asia

Telecom on lockdown

Part of India's US$6.7 billion Mahindra Group, a massive and multifarious conglomerate, Tech Mahindra's story began in 1986 when British Telecom (now known as BT Group) and Mahindra established a joint venture called Mahindra-British Telecom (MBT). Undergoing a name change and an IPO in 2006, Tech Mahindra Limited is now an international leader in IT services and solutions for the global telecommunications industry. Headquartered in Pune and with locations all over India, the firm also has offices throughout Asia Pacific and Europe, as well as outposts in the U.S., Canada, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates.


Tech Mahindra continues as a joint venture between Mahindra and BT, and is one of three Mahindra Group companies operating in the IT sector; its siblings include SAP-allied supply chain consulting firm Bristlecone and IT solutions firm Mahindra Logisoft. Employing over 24,900 people in 24 offices worldwide, the firm is one of the largest IT solutions companies in India, and the largest focused on the telecommunications industry. BT remains a key client, inking a US$700 million tech outsourcing deal with the firm in July 2008bringing BT's total orders to over US$2 billion in total. The British giant is also a major shareholder in Tech Mahindra, controlling 31 percent of the company's stock. Other big telecom clients include AT&T, Alcatel and Vodafone.


Following Tech Mahindra's April 2009 acquisition of a controlling stake in fallen-from-grace Satyam Computer Services (which was subsequently rebranded in June 2009 as Mahindra Satyam), the firm became even more of a titan in tech consulting and outsourcing, adding another 40,000 staff under its umbrella. 


Business breakdown


Tech Mahindra's three primary business lines are IT services, research and development (R&D) services, and business process outsourcing (BPO). IT services is subdivided into offerings including solution integration services, application development and management, consulting, managed services and infrastructure management services. Within consulting, the firm aims to provide businesses with effective implementation of software solutions through strategy planning, assessment, procurement, re-engineering solutions, audits and more.


The R&D division, meanwhile, works primarily with telecom equipment manufacturers, providing über-high-tech services like product life cycle management, element management systems (EMS) and network management systems (NMS), embedded platforms, optical and wireless networks, and more. Finally, the firm's BPO segment employs 3,800 associates and is supported by two facilities in Pune and Mumbai, which offer outsourced tech support, network planning and order management.


From Jeeps to IT


The massive Mahindra empire began with one man's inspiration. K.C. Mahindra, chairman of the India Supply Mission, traveled to the U.S. during World War II. There, he met Barney Roos, the man who invented the Jeep. When Mahindra saw Roos' handiwork, he realized the rugged vehicle would be a perfect method of transportation in India's rural towns, where roads were rudimentary (or nonexistent). Mahindra asked his brother, J.C., to help him bring Jeeps to India; they were joined by a partner, Ghulam Mohammed. Mahindra & Mohammad was established in 1945 as a franchise for making Jeeps out of parts sent from America. Two years later, the Mahindra brothers took control of the company and renamed Mahindra & Mahindra.


In the annals of Indian business history, it is said that the brothers Mahindra were pioneers of what's now known as globalization. As early as the 1950s, Mahindra had British and German engineers on its staff, and contracted with international auto manufacturers like Mitsubishi, Chrysler, Willys and Perrine. The company went public in 1956 on the Bombay Stock Exchange, and branched out over the next few decades into numerous forays such as steel, chemicals, elevators, machine tools and a wide variety of vehicles. Mahindra made its initial entry into the IT sector in 1986, when Tech Mahindra was launched as a joint venture with British Telecom.

Tech Mahindra Asia

Sharda Centre
Off Karve Road, Maharashtra
Pune 411004
Phone: +91-20-6601-8100

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Public
Stock Symbol: 532755, TECHM
Stock Exchange: BSE, NSE
CEO: Sanjay Kalra
2009 Employees (All Locations): 23,000