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At a Glance


“Level of interaction with leadership.”

“Challenging work and telework opportunities.”

“Camaraderie, flexibility, and support.”


“Lack of pay increases outside of promotion.”

“Sometimes long hours due to growth.”

“Limited physical human interaction [with coworkers].”

About LeapPoint

LeapPoint Consulting is a boutique consultancy founded in 2006 with a self-proclaimed mission "to drive enterprise change through the delivery of innovative solutions." Established by Big 4 alumni who sought more flexibility and agility in meeting clients' most critical business needs, the firm has a long history of experience in finance, HR, IT, marketing, and government consulting at the federal level. The firm prides itself on its ability to deliver "immediate and lasting benefits" to its clients.

Since its inception, LeapPoint has grown to a lean yet effective team of more than forty consultants. Its people hail from a diversity of backgrounds and bring a wealth of expertise from all levels of enterprise. Balancing strategic business acumen with deep functional expertise, LeapPoint offers its clients the right combination of strategic insight and tactical support.

Bringing the A-game

LeapPoint consultants bring their A-game to every engagement; moreover, they work directly with marketing and IT professionals in their client organizations to make sure that they, too, bring their A-game. With a focus on lasting impact, LeapPoint consultants utilize their expertise to ensure that clients have the technology, processes, skills, and know-how to achieve the goals set forth by LeapPoint's strategies and sustain lasting change.

Redefining Data

"Data isn't the problem," reads LeapPoint's website. "The problem is doing something with that data." LeapPoint is focused on helping clients define a comprehensive data strategy, leveraging analytics and business intelligence tools to assess strategies that make sense for an organization and execute on the client's vision for that data, empowering them to gain meaningful insights that drive results.

In addition to its analytics and insights, LeapPoint provides marketing services including stack configuration, platform integration, marketing optimization, and ROI & analytics, to conceptualize and deploy effective marketing strategies driven by data. Furthermore, the firm's IT services aim to optimize information and data management and make successful IT governance and strategy more attainable.


12110 Sunset Hills Rd
Reston, VA 20190
Phone: (888) 972-5972

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Private
President & CEO: Nicholas DeBenedetto
2018 Employees (All Locations): 41

Major Office Locations

Reston, VA

Major Departments & Practices

IT Consulting