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Who is Captech

At CapTech, we drive innovation by bringing clients true technology insight matched

with personalized, driven support. Our ability to help you innovate lies in our inherent passion as technologists. Here, we’re master builders, creators, and problem solvers — and we know the engineering and design needed to bring a tech strategy to life. Our outcomes exceed the expected — which is one of the reasons we’ve been on the Inc 500/1000 list for over a decade.

We also diligently track business trends across industries and keep a pulse on the movement, so we can help our partners navigate the environment and advance business. With this guiding focus, we enable each company to ignite innovation and create powerful tech answers, rather than simply light a creative spark. This tech-first strategy enables us to engineer answers from the ground up and deliver realistic and powerful tech solutions.

As technologists, we design across industries, products, and business challenges. Throughout each project, we apply our ingenuity and passion to provide flexible support, meet the need, and prevail. We don’t try to fit clients into predetermined tech answers. Instead, we bring the capabilities to them — and find the right tech and strategy for each company’s unique needs, challenges, and goals.

We listen first — and then design.

Our mission is to be the best consulting firm to work for and work with. Once a person becomes a CapTecher, we foster their success from the start, ensuring that each employee can pursue the professional growth that inspires them. From ongoing feedback to mentor guidance and other support, we encourage everyone to develop themselves and inspire others. We also believe that a fulfilling career gives you the ability to explore passions and interests outside of the office with a schedule that works for you. So, we support great work and great lives — without sacrificing one for the other.

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