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“Great People, Better Enviornment”

The people here are friendly, funny and genuinely care about making AVID as successful as it can be. Great place for those who want to grow their verbal and written communication skills. AVID puts a lot of time and effort into their clients and candidates, which makes them a successful staffing company that sets them a part from the others. The location is also a plus!


The only downside is that the staffing industry can be difficult at times, since working with people can be unpredictable. If you aren't the type of person who can handle defeat and success, then this type of industry isn't for you.

Advice to Candidates

I've been working at AVID full time and it's been a great learning experience.There isn't that sink or swim mentality that some staffing companies have. We play hard but work harder. Everyone here is super friendly and care about everyone succeeding rather than competing for the same positions. I'd definitely recommend AVID Technical Resources to anyone wanting to get a head start in the staffing industry or continue working in the business.

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