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About Trail Blazers Inc.

This enterprise has opened a path for basketball fans in the Beaver State. Trail Blazers, Inc., owns and operates the Portland Trail Blazers professional basketball franchise, which plays host at Portland's Rose Garden Arena. The team boasts three NBA Finals appearances (its last in 1992), winning one championship in 1977. The Blazers joined the National Basketball Association in 1970 as an expansion franchise awarded to Harry Glickman, a local journalist turned sports promoter. Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, who also owns the Seattle Seahawks, has controlled the team since 1988.

Trail Blazers Inc.

1 N Center Court St STE 200
Portland, OR 97227-2103
Phone: 1 (503) 234-9291


Employer Type: Privately Owned
Vice President Of Human Resources: Sarah Petrone
Vice President Of Partnership Sales: Steve Scott
Employees (This Location): 68
Employees (All Locations): 200

Major Office Locations

Portland, OR