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UNIQLO is an international clothing retailer that has a specialized knack for designing apparel that lasts. The simple, basics-inspired clothing created at UNIQLO continues to be successful trend cycle after trend cycle, season after season. The company was founded in Japan in 1984. UNIQLO was created with a unique business model called the SPA manufacturer retailer model. With this model, a company controls the whole process of clothing retail product planning and production to distribution and marketing. UNIQLO is owned by Fast Retailing, based in Japan.

UNIQLO’s clothing is aptly referred to as LifeWear. LifeWear is inspired by the most classic clothing designs to provide apparel that truly lasts from the initial purchase to a life of wear. It isn’t made to be tossed out or passed along, it's meant to serve as affordable, quality clothing that can be purchased and worn for years to come. Its basics, like the Supima cotton t-shirts and Ezy Jeans, are affordable, well-made pieces that are simple staples anyone can add to their wardrobe. Not only does UNIQLO make basics like this, it partners with companies like Theory to put out high fashion collaborations that are always on the cutting edge of all things fashion and apparel. 

The brand ambassadors at UNIQLO are some of the world’s most fashionable athletes and icons. Tennis legend Roger Federer and champion snowboarder and skateboarder Ayumu Hirano are two of the company’s brand ambassadors, sporting UNIQLO in both daily life and competition. 

CEO Tadashi Yanai leads UNIQLO in its vision of providing simple, lifelong basics. In his CEO message, Yanai says that UNIQLO strives to “bring customers the most joy” from its products. UNIQLO’s business model allows for major savings that are shared with the consumer, making for basics that are both affordable and high quality. LifeWear doesn’t need the flash or trendiness of other clothing brands. It’s successful because it’s simple.

Uniqlo Co.


Firm Stats

Employer Type: Subsidiary
CEO: Tadashi Yanai

Major Office Locations

Yamaguchi-shi, JP (HQ)
Tokyo, JP
Melbourne, AU
Paris, FR
Berlin, DE

Major Departments & Practices

UNIQLO Manager Candidate
Store Support Center
Store Associates