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“Don't judge a book by its cover”

Great name on a resume

Nice products to work with

Great office locations in NY and London


Low salaries, especially in the UK (consistent with retail though)

Low level of responsibility, very slow decision making process and inefficient, outdated and convoluted processes. Lack of talent in the workforce, talent is not rewarded, connections are.

Limited development opportunity, senior management is hired externally or highly connected.

The work life balance used to be good, but senior management is adding pressure and former employees don't recognize their companies

Advice to Candidates

Estee Lauder is recognized for marketing and it can be a good name on a resume if you love the products and don't mind tedious work.

I wouldn't recommend this company for juniors as salaries are really low and responsibilities/training opportunities are really limited.

At a very senior level, it should be interesting because you have some decision making power and you don't have to report into middle management that have been promoted for their tenure only.

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