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Sephora founder Dominique Mandonnaud began her now world-renowned beauty business with an idea on how to make the beauty-buying experience far better. She began a fragrance shop called Shop 8 in 1969 that offered an open layout in which customers could try products before purchasing. This concept was something quite uncommon in the beauty industry at the time, but it proved successful. Just ten years later, 12 stores were already operating. Across the continent, the beauty retailer UK’s Boots PLC had 38 stores that were on the decline. In 1993, Mandonnaud bought out these stores, and they eventually became the first Sephora shops. The Sephora brand, built on years of growth and hard work, officially launched its current brand name in 1995. Its success and innovation caught the eye of Louis Vuitton and Moet Hennessey (LVMH.) They purchased the chain in 1997, and Mandonnaud retired.

Today, the company has gone fully global. Sephora has grown its product offering far past the original exclusive fragrances. It offers makeup, skincare, hair products, beauty tools, bath products, and more from leading brands like Dermalogica, Tarte, Fenty Beauty, as well as its own beauty line called the Sephora Collection.

 LVMH still owns Sephora and is one of the top ten largest beauty companies in the world. Its resources allow Sephora to continue to expand and grow as the beauty industry does. Sephora has been able to launch past its own storefronts into retail partnerships with Kohl’s and JCPenny. It is one of the most trusted beauty retailers in the world and its original vision of try before you buy is still alive in every store, allowing customers to have the most comfortable beauty buying experience they’ve ever had.


525 Market St Fl 32
San Francisco, CA 94105
Phone: (415) 284-3300

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Employer Type: Subsidiary
CEO: Jean-Andre Rougeot

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