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L.L. Bean began with cold feet. In 1911, Leon Leonwood Bean found his feet chilly and damp after a hunting trip, and decided to take action. He came up with the first iteration of the classic L.L. Bean Boot. He created a boot with leather uppers and rubber bottoms, a design that would change outdoor footwear forever. In 1912, the first L.L. Bean store opened in Freeport, Maine. Ten years later, Admiral Donald MacMillan used L.L. Bean boots on his Arctic expedition. By 1924, the classic Field Coat was introduced, and for the decades to follow the company continued to create simple yet innovative outdoor wear. The company operated as a catalog business for the market outside Maine, but in the year 2000 the first store outside its home state opened in McLean, Virginia. Today, L.L. Bean reaches markets across the globe with clothing, boots, outdoor equipment, and even home goods sold through its stores, catalog, and extensive website.

Not only does L.L. Bean offers outdoor gear, it offers outdoor experiences. The Outdoor Discovery Programs offer folks a way to find community by exploring the great outdoors. Programs include kids’ camps, birdwatching groups, wilderness instruction courses, and more. These programs are offered through the 47 L.L. Bean stores across the United States. L.L. Bean’s mission is to make the outdoors accessible, to make nature a space for people to find community and joy. Whether it’s through having the right equipment or meeting a new friend on an L.L. Bean Discovery Expedition, L.L. Bean helps folks appreciate the outdoors just as much as it does.

L.L. Bean is a privately owned company and is led by President and CEO Stephen Smith. The company has expanded to international heights, serving customers in over 200 countries and has stores in Canada and Japan. Although this global expansion has created new markets for L.L. Bean, the company remains true to its Maine roots. Every product is designed in its Maine headquarters. Today, that is over 120,000 products. L.L. Bean has been able to grow to such heights because it has stayed true to its values and origins. It is a company that makes great outdoor gear for people who love the great outdoors.

L.L. Bean

15 Casco St
Freeport, ME 04033
Phone: (207) 552-2000

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CEO: Stephen Smith

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