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Foot Locker’s success as a business and company really finds origins in its success as a brand. The company began as just a single brand of the F.W. Woolworth Company in 1974. Over the next 25 years, Foot Locker became the leading brand in the Woolworth Company. The well-established company had other sports and shoe brands like Champ Sports and made acquisitions like Eastbay in 1997, but Foot Locker proved most successful. Woolworth attempted to have several specialty stores in malls across America, but many of its ventures failed or fell into decline. Foot Locker stood apart as a cool, casual place to buy the best in sneakers. 

Foot Locker became the company’s top-performing line in 2001, and the company decided to change its name to Foot Locker, Inc. Today, the company’s brands include its signature Foot Locker, Kids Foot Locker, Footaction, Champ Sports, Eastbay, and Sidestep. Foot Locker operates 3,000 retail stores in 27 countries. The company doesn’t just sell shoes. It promotes the best of youth culture and innovation. The company lives out its passion for self-expression and creativity with its product offerings and passes along that passion to its customers. Foot Locker helps to foster a culture of positivity, individuality, and innovation. 

Despite being a young brand, the company itself has a history of over 100 years. The Woolworth Company’s willingness to adapt in order to thrive shows its commitment to the customer and the brand. Whatever brand a market is enjoying most is what the company will provide, regardless of what other goals it may have had. Foot Locker, Inc. strives for connection with its customers through its product and attitudes. Creativity, adaptability, and shoe game are what drive Foot Locker to success.

Foot Locker

330 West 34th Street
New York, NY 10001
Phone: (212) 720-3700

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Subsidiary
CEO: Richard A. Johnson
Employees (All Locations): 50,999

Major Office Locations

Bradenton, FL
Murarrie, Australia
United States
Wausau, WI, United States.

Major Departments & Practices

Buying & Planning
Investigation & Loss Prevention
Customer Service & Support
Logistics & Supply Chain
Facilities & Maintenance
Marketing & Public Relations
Finance & Accounting
Human Resources
Product Development and Manufacturing
Information Systems & Technology
Retail Sales