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“times have changed”

open door policy no matter of the race or face . it was all about you needing a job and willing to work.


now they hire any body most of the employees stealing from the store and trying to blame the customers but reality is they steal in the store and things hasn't changed because they still in there lying and labeling people yes I know being a manager I know when the store is being ranned well or facing a major breakdown because of thief. Buchanna Michigan store is one that's good for stealing and blaming it on customers but its the people working in that store. Makes you hate going in there Big fat smiling faces but when the mouth open you can tell that's whats working not them hands and feet.

Advice to Candidates

I suggest if your black or Mexican you go in with a camera or somebody with you and deal with corporate because the employees there will black ball anyone trying to get a job their that's not there friends or family member.

Never any sales on anything worlth having and the employees steals everything before it even hits the floor

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