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“Terrible company”

The discount is good. That’s all the good things I have to say.


The company is terrible and doesn’t care about its employees.

Advice to Candidates

I worked at American Eagle for (ALMOST) 5 years. During the shut down I was furloughed, which was fine as a work multiple jobs. When they didn’t reach back out to me when lockdown was over I wasn’t bothered because, as I said, I work multiple jobs, but I told them to let me know if they needed me and I would help out as much as I could. My 5 years would’ve been in August 2020, so I’ve been waiting to receive my 5 year gift. I was told it would take a while, so I didn’t bat an eye at the delay. Finally, I decided to reach out to a manager, only to find out that employees that didn’t return in June 2020 were termed out of the system. 2 months before my 5 years they termed me out of the system and NO ONE TOLD ME. I worked so hard for this company. So many overnight shifts, extra hours worked, management help, etc. to be snubbed at the end. Not to mention they don’t pay you what you’re worth. I thought I made a lot of friends working here for so long, but not one of my managers had the decency to reach out to me. Don’t waste your time here.

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