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Ubiquitous and mammoth, yet the epitome of inexpensive convenience, this digital mall is one of the few companies that can say that it truly touches nearly every person in the U.S. Started in 1994 by Ivy League ex-hedge funder Jeff Bezos, Amazon began with books because they were durable and easy to ship. Once an effective system was in place, Amazon took the leap and became the world’s largest e-commerce platform (now controlling more than 40 percent of e-commerce traffic), selling just about anything.

There are plenty of employment opportunities at the company and its many subsidiaries (including Whole Foods, Amazon Prime, Alexa, Prime delivery,, Amazon Web Services, and The Washington Post), but the culture of secrecy is rumored to still permeate the executive suites of Amazon. Meanwhile, Bezos and the company (as well as some of its subsidiaries, like The Washington Post newspaper) have become synonymous with each other, despite Bezos stepping down from his role as CEO in July of 2021.

In the realm of social awareness, Amazon has stood alongside Black Lives Matter, provided significant financial contributions to the NAACP, and has made noble sustainability goals, including all power operations with 100% renewable energy by 2025, or net-zero carbon by 2040.


2127 7th Ave.
Seattle, WA 98109
Phone: (888) 280-4331

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Executive Chairman: Jeff Bezos
CEO: Andy Jassy

Major Office Locations

Seattle, WA
Every major city on the globe

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Amazon Live
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