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About ALDI


ALDI is a grocery store company that first opened its doors in Germany in 1961. The Albrecht family founded the grocery store with aims to simplify the grocery store experience and offer far lower prices than competitors. Today, ALDI’s headquarters is in Batavia, Illinois. Its first United States store opened in Iowa in 1976. Since, the company has grown to over 2,000 ALDI stores in 36 states with 25,000 committed employees. 

ALDI isn’t a typical chain grocery store. ALDI focuses on volume purchasing the products customers need most, so prices stay low and folks are never left searching for what they need. ALDI also presents most products in its stores in their original shipping containers, saving major time and resources and ensuring efficiency and quality. Ninety percent of ALDI’s offerings are exclusive brand products that are tested in the ALDI Test Kitchen, rather than outside-branded products. This works to keep prices at a minimum. ALDI’s Double Guarantee assures that the products ALDI offers are the best of their kind. ALDI has been highly successful at employing this new grocery model, a success proven by its 40 million monthly customers.

ALDI created this new grocery model but didn’t stop at their own retail business. In 1979, ALDI, known better then by its full moniker Albrecht Discounts, purchased Trader Joe’s. Trader Joe’s has been operating with its parent company ALDI since then, and offers a similar experience to its predecessor: exclusive brands that are the very best of everyday products.

The company mission rings true in its quirky motto, “shop differentli.” By offering high quality exclusive brands, customers no longer have to worry about making the choice between high quality and high affordability. From ALDI grocery stores to Trader Joe’s, the company is bringing a simpler, cleaner, better grocery to the United States.


1200 N. Kirk Rd
Batavia, IL 60510
Phone: (630) 879-8100

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Subsidiary
CEO: Jason Hart
Employees (All Locations): 25,000